Dir. Adam Palmer

A lonely man confronts his past after his ex leaves a voicemail on his answer machine.


Bad Mother

Dir. Marnie Baxter & Nicola Stuart-Hill

Bad Mother explores the struggles of motherhood, questioning our relationship with strangers in this modern world, and how we judge each other as mums

Early Days.jpg

Early Days

Dir. Nessa Wrafter

A short drama about a new mother, Kate. In the days following her return from hospital, she’s rocked by finding her world altered beyond recognition.

Her partner Steve is aware of her precarious mental state — but his delight at their newborn makes it hard for them to connect.



Dir. Daniel Marc Janes

A tense moral thriller about fast money and predatory behavior. Leo, a swaggering trader in the City of London, is an unreconstructed alpha male. Recently promoted, he wants to pursue riskier trades and bullies his underlings into going along with him. But how far can he push Teddy and Rosie before they reach their moral limits?



Dir. Angela Fleming

Set in 1960s Australia, JADE is about an isolated young girl who must find the courage to escape the clutches of her abusive father in a harrowing tale of survival. When she discovers the truth behind her mothers death, she confronts her father in spite of the fact he will stop at nothing to keep her locked away and bound to his discipline.


Last Call

Dir. Harrington Day

A married couple struggle to come to terms with the recent tragic death of their six year old daughter. The young man responsible walks free from court but returns home only to find his dysfunctional family adding to his mental condition.


Parting Gifts

Dir. David Yorke

Two exes agree to meet up and exchange belongings, only for old passions and argument to resurface - all hinging around one last item neither are happy to let go.



Dir. Ben Wicks

A woman reminisces about her life and the adventures she used to have.


Dir. Kenneth O’Toole

An unexpected turn of events leaves one young gay man with an experience that he will never forget. A short drama that explores themes of homosexuality and race in city of London.